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Make MTAB your partner in CNC productivity. (22/07/2019)
MTAB has over 3 decades experience in advanced machine tool technology. The nature of our work and development has allowed us to interact with end-users, suppliers, academicians, researchers and next generation leaders to produce strong, reliable solutions that will serve our customers for years ahead. Such design and development incorporates high quality components in our machine builds, so that can withstand heavy use and maintain their accuracy in high productivity environment. Our customers have told us that MTAB machines maintain original accuracy after a decade of use; MTAB MAXTURN and MAXMILL series machines surface finish has Ra value of less than 0.6 microns, which is in the range of grinding machines! MTAB takes the time to understand customer applications and provides integrated high value-added solution with certain customizations. These customizations are driven by application needs and productivity improvements such as automation. MTAB is not shy about taking on customized solutions, where our existing modular products can meet customer application. Example: grinding application using our MAXTURN series for tool grinding; BG-4S: CNC medical blade grinding 4-axis HMC for surgical blades; auto-loading of CNC machines to create Flexible Manufacturing Cells for industries, especially MSMEs where skilled labour is in short supply. With the introduction of 6-kg and 10-kg payload robots, MTAB will be able to offer an integrated solution for our engineering customers: tool room, die & mould, medical, aerospace, automotive, etc. Be sure to ping MTAB team to learn more about what we can do for yo