CNC Lathe Maintenance and Troubleshooting (MACSIM)

The CNC Mill Kit has been designed to train the user on maintenance and troubleshooting aspects of CNC Mills- Controls, Electrical, Electronics & Mechanical, with focus on - CNC System Commissioning, Programming, Maintenance & troubleshooting. The mechanical setup comprises of the entire machine setup –Table, Column, Spindle assembly and Pneumatic and Hydraulic devices - all of which built for ease of integration with control to teach CNC Machine Maintenance. It has a specially designed operator panel & control combining all the components of a CNC (NC, PLC, HMI) and drive control in a single unit. This kit is offered with a choice of CNC Control -SINUMERIK 808D, Siemens 828D, Fanuc 0iMate, Mitsubishi E70 and an entire mechanically ready machine.

Options include accessories that can be added to the machine, basic and advanced tooling kit for maintenance and calibration, a list of courses to choose from.
Skill Development Objectives
  • CNC Electronics (Controls) Maintenance
  • PLC & system Interfacing
  • Maintenance of Servo drivers & Motors - Spindle Drive & Motor
  • Commissioning of machine & knowledge in Machine Data
  • Maintenance of CNC Hydraulic & Pneumatic
  • General Machine Tool Maintenance
    • Calibration
    • Testing
    • Table Setup with Servo Motors.
Milling Machine Details
X/Y/Z Strokes
250 x 150 x 220 mm
Work table
480 x 180 mm
3 x 10 x 50 mm
Distance between table
90 - 310 mm
Spindle power
1.1 Kw
Spindle speed
150-4000 RPM
Spindle mounting
Feed Rate
0 to 5000 mm / min
Rapid Traverse Rate
5 x 5 x 5 m / min
As selected
380- 440V, 3 Phase, 50/ 60 Hz, 12 KVA
Control Voltage
24V DC
Centralized Lubrication
0.08 Kw
Automatic Tool Changer Motor (Optional and available only if ATC ordered)
Sensors, Switches & Miscellaneous
Limit Switch
Isolator Switch
E - Stop Switch
Encoder  2000 PPR
I/O Card
Air Conditioning unit for CNC System and Servo drives.
Hydraulic Powerpack (optional)
Manual / Pneumatic Vice (Optional)