Manufacturing Automation- Automatic Storage & Retrieval System

MTAB ASRS is a floor-standing automated material handling system. The ASRS is used extensively in storing and dispensing raw materials and finished goods on pallets. The ASRS consists of an arm that can move to specified position and use a push/ pull mechanism to retrieve it. The ASRS has an HMI screen can be used to specify whether the individual spots can be used, to manually execute operations on the ASRS. The ASRS is built aesthetically using natural anodized aluminium profiles, has a compact foot print and is expandable.
Technical specification
Platform Belt & AC servo motors
LM Guideways
Transfer Station
Transfer station is provided to accept the pallet from ASRS platform
PLC Control
Yes. Can interface with FMS/ CIM system
Load Carrying (Pallet Size)
2kg (160 x 160 x 20 mm)