Manufacturing Automation - CMM

The compact 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine is a self-contained moving bridge design with a full granite table on a sturdy stand that houses the electronics and computer. Hardened and precision ground ways with high accuracy mechanical bearings provide long term reliability. Based on time proven concepts and with rigid one-piece bridge design, it delivers superior accuracy and true 3-D measuring power through its software. It is designed for ease of installation, ease of use, low maintenance and long life. It is ideally suited to production, lab, and reverse engineering needs.
Technical specification
(305mm x 305mm x 254mm)
12 in x 12 in x 10 in
0.0005 mm    
0.00002 in
Linear Accuracy
0.0225 mm + 0.000125 mm / 25mm
0.0009 in + 0.000005 in
3 Axis
Axis Motors
DC Servo
Optical Non-contact